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Field Types

Once a section is created a number of different fields can be created to add content to a form.  These fields are:

Check Box
  • Allows registrants to check a box to indicate they are attending an event or agreeing to the terms
  • Each check box is independent of each other but may be positioned together on the form when you need registrants to select more than one item. 
  • Example: The following shows 5 independent check box fields.  Each check box has only one option defined.  The registrant can select one or more of these options.

Drop Down List

  • Allows the registrants to select ONLY one option from a list of options
  • Options aren’t visible until the field is clicked, this can help keep your form looking tidy.
  • Example: What is your favorite color?  Red, Blue, Green,  Black or White 

Plain Text 

  • Use to display text on the form.

Radio Button

  • Allows the registrants to select ONLY one option from a list of options
  • Similar to a drop down list except all options are always displayed on the form.
  • Can be easier for registrants to use since they don’t need to click anything to see the available selections.
  • Example: What is your favorite color?  Red, Blue, Green, Black or White

Text Box

  • Allows registrants to enter text response such are first name etc..
  • Example: First Name

Text Area

  • The same as text box but allows for more text to be entered and can be multiple rows high.
  • Example: to collect special needs. 

Price Text Box

  • Same as a text box but only allows dollar amounts to be entered and the amounts are automatically added to the amount owing for the registration.
  • Example: used to enter a specific dollar amount for a donation.

Note - the maximum number of characters for a field option label or value is 1000.  If you enter more than 1000 characters, the system will trim the text when saving.

File Upload
  • Allows registrants to upload a file or files.
  • Example: to collect art submissions, writing or photos for contests, etc.
  • Maximum file size allowed is 5 megabytes.
Tip: Use the file upload field only for collecting images. If you need to collect documents, use a text field or text box. If it exceeds 1000 characters, please contact an ePly software specialist at for help and advice.

Default File Upload settings
 Note - If you need to change any of these settings, please contact an ePly software specialist at

If file submissions do not fit within these parameters, here are some suggestions on how to collect files:
  • Open a Dropbox account
  • Connect your Dropbox account to Send to Dropbox (
  • With Send to Dropbox, you would have a unique email that takes emailed files and sends them to your Dropbox account. This is the email you would instruct your registrants to email to submit their files.
  • On the form - Instruct registrants that they will receive instructions to submit files in the confirmation email.
  • In the confirmation email - Give registrants the unique email and instruct them to email their files directly to that unique email.
For video submissions:
  • Instruct registrants to create a YouTube account and have them upload and send you their link OR have them paste it into a text field on your form as they are submitting the form.