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Limits automatically control how many people can select certain options on your registration form.

There are two steps to creating limits:
Step 1.  Create the various limits required
Step 2.  Apply each limit to the field requiring the limit.
Step 1 - Create the limit
  1. Go to limits under Advanced Options.
  2. Click "add limit".
  3. Enter a name for the limit, the limit value, etc.
  4. Click "Save" if you are done adding limits or click "Add Limit" to add another one.
  5. Optionally, you can check these boxes:
    1. 'Show Current' - This will cause the currently used amount of that limit to appear on the form, next to the field 
    2.  'Show Available' - This will cause the current available quantity of that limit to appear on the form, next to the field.
      To change an existing limit, simply enter the new value and click 'Save'.
Step 2 - Apply the limit to a field on your registration form
  1. Under Form Setup, find the field you want to apply the limit to, by clicking into the appropriate Section.
  2. Click the field name where the limit is to be applied. 
  3. Scroll to the question that says "Choose how limits are applied if applicable".  Select one of the following options to apply the limit(s):
    • A. Not Limited - Choose this to cancel applying the limit to this field.

    • B. Each item in the list draws from a different limit - choose this option for example, when you have a  list of breakout sessions and each session has its own limit.  This applies only to radio button lists or drop-down lists.
      If you choose this option, then continue with these steps:
      • For each session (or option) listed under List items/Field Options, choose the limit that you want to apply to that option.  
      • Enter the specific Sold Out Message to be applied to that option.
    • C. Each item in the list draws from the same limit - choose this option when:
      1. You have a check box question.
      2. You have a radio or drop down question asking for a ticket quantity.
      3. You have multiple items in a radio selection, and each one of the items should draw from the same limit.

        If you choose this option, several new options will appear:
      4. Limit - The limit you created in Step 1 will appear in the drop-down list.  Select it now.
      5. Sold out message - Enter the message you would like users to see when the limit is reached.
      6. Choose Count or Value
        1. Count - will reduce the inventory by one each time the field is selected.
        2. Value - will reduce the inventory by the value of the selection when a number is used. For example, if you have a ticket selection drop-down list with values from 1 to 10, when 5 is picked, the inventory wil be reduced by 5.
Other settings
The following 2 options are only available for drop down lists (DDLs):
  • Pop up warning message – By choosing this, when a sold out item is selected, the warning message you provide will pop up.
  • Remove From DDL – Selecting this will cause sold out items to be removed from the drop down list (DDL) after their limit is reached.
How to check the functionality of your limits
There are 2 ways to see how your limits are working and being applied:
  • Under the Reports tab, click the LIMITS report
  • Click General Settings/ Advanced Options, then click the Limits tab.

Always test your limits by submitting a test registration.  Then using one of the above 2 methods, check to ensure that the limit was reduced correctly.
For example, if you selected 5 tickets, then the 'Current' amount should increase by 5 and the 'Available' amount should decrease by 5.
Working in the back end of the system:
  • Changes and additions made in the back end of the system are automatically reflected in the limits. 
  • If an item is sold out on the form, the item can still be selected in the back end.  If it is selected in the back end, it will now show as over sold on the limits page.
    WARNING: This is a convenience for the Event Planner, but keep in mind that it also allows you to over-sell your event.