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Add An Embedded Map

You can add an Embedded Map to your registration form to give registrants a sense of where the venue is. Below are instructions on how to embed a map using Google Maps.

  1. Search for the location on Google Maps (
    1. Click on the 3 line menu button  to bring up the settings.
    2. Select "Share or embed map".
    3. Select the "Embed Map" tab.
    4. Select the size "Small" and copy the code beside it (when the code is highlighted you can hold the CTRL key and press "C" to copy)

  2. Embed the code on your registration form in the ePly system
    1. Click on the Header section from the Form Setup tab
    2. Click the "HTML" button at the bottom left of the box.
    3. Paste the copied code (you can paste after you've clicked in the box by holding the CTRL key and pressing "V" to paste) and click Save.
    4. Click Preview and you can see the map embedded on your registration form.

To WOW your registrants even more, try creating an enhanced map.

If you are having any technical difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact us at or calling 1-800-507-3759 and pressing "2" for support.