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Setting Up Registration Groups for Multiple Registrations

Registration Groups can be used in several way for collecting registrations for your events. One thing that is always common across all registration group fields is the function to collect names. If your event does not need to collect the names of additional guests, you will not need to use this feature. 

Some ways that registration groups can be applied are:
  • Forms that allow more than one registrant to be registered on one form
  • Ticketed events with individual tickets being sent to the main registrant and additional registrants
  • Events that administrative staff register on behalf of their colleagues ie. main registrant is not attending, only the ones in the registration group
The registration group field is represented by two silhouette people on the left side of the field name (shown below). 

Common fields names for Registration Groups are: 
  • Additional Guest
  • Additional Registrant
  • Ticket Holder

Steps to Add a Registration Group Field

  1. Click on the blue Add Guest Fields button
  2. Options will appear to name the Registration Group field (common names shown above) and how the fields within the Registration Group will be displayed.
    1. Fields can be displayed horizontally or vertically. As shown in the below, fields are best shown horizontally if you are only collecting less than 5 items from registrants. If you are unsure, it is always best to create registration groups vertically.

      Horizontal Display 

      Vertical Display

  3. Click Continue.
  4. Next, you can add the fields that you need collected from the additional registrants. If there is a event fee, you should add that here. If the main registrant fields are already set up, you can easily copy fields from the main registrant. See Copying Fields for more information.
  5. By default, how a registrant would add a guest is represented by a "Add Guest" button on the registration form (shown below).

    However, you can
    Customize Group Registration Properties to collect additional registrations in other ways.