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Copy an Existing Form

This feature is useful when you have repeat events that function in a similar way and only need minor changes eg. updating text such as date, time, and location. We recommend starting from scratch if the form is significantly different than the one you are trying to copy. However, if you do decide to duplicate the form, editing is not limited as you are still able to delete sections and fields.

To copy or duplicate an existing form, please follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to the ePly system with your username and password

  2. Clickon the top right to bring up the Create or Copy Form Wizard (shown below)

  3. Select a template or form to copy
  4. Type in the new form's name
  5. Click the Create Form button
You will be taken to the copied form's General Settings > Event Info and can freely edit as you wish. If you click on the My Forms tab, you will see that the newly copied form has been automatically added there as well.