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Customizing Registration Group Properties

You can change the way additional registrations can be added within a Group Registration field.

By default, an "Add Guest" button will appear on the form and every time it is clicked, fields for additional registrants are automatically added. However, you may want to add additional registrants based on what's selected in a different field - See Smart Adding or you may want people to select a number from a drop down menu to add additional registrants.

  1. Click on "View Registration Group Properties" to bring up the setup window (shown below).

Setup Window

General Options
You can customize the field name as well as limit the number of registrations the main registrant can add on the registration form.

Subtotal Options
You can choose to show the subtotal within the group registration fields or not as well as adding text beside the price box.

Remove Options
You can choose to allow the main registrant to remove the additional registrant and also change the text of the remove button and how its displayed

Add Registrant Options
You can change the text and the position of the button and/or display a button if necessary. You can check to show the numbered drop down list as well as limit the quantity.
See Smart Adding for more information about the blue "Setup Smart Adding" button.

Color Options
You can change the alternating colours of the different registrants in the group registration. This helps maintain clear and concise information for each additional guest.