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eTickets and Bar Codes

You can have the ePly system automatically create electronic tickets with bar codes for your event.  Here are the details:
  • eTickets are emailed to the purchaser in the body of their confirmation email.
  • You can choose to give the purchaser access to a private webpage showing their purchased tickets.  In this private webpage, the purchaser can print the eTickets or email each ticket to the intended ticket holder.
  • At the time of purchase, if there are fields for the ticket holder's name and email address and the purchaser has filled them in, the eTicket will be emailed directly to the ticket holder.

How To Setup eTickets

Form Setup

  1. Your form must be set up in a specific way to use eTickets, below is what you require and the steps in setting up the eTicket form:
    1. The contact information that usually appears at the top of the form is for the person purchasing the tickets.
    2. If the purchaser will be attending the event, they will need to include themselves in the number of tickets purchased.
    3. To generate separate tickets, a registration group must be added to the form.  This is the part of the form that pops up a new area on a form based on the number of tickets selected.  You don't have to have fields to collect the names of each ticket holder here if you aren't concerned about collecting names and want all of the tickets to be sent to the purchaser.

    4. If you are starting a new form, we suggest using the template called "Ticket Sales - with fields for names".  This form already has the group/guest section added.

    5. See the image below on how to add a new group/guest area.

    6. You will need to configure the fields within the group/guest area as needed.  You can add fields, set prices, logic etc.  If you need help with this part, please contact ePly support.

Ticket Set Up

  1. First, populate the fields on the event info tab under general settings.  There is a default ticket layout in the system that uses these merge fields, so by completing these fields most of the ticket will be set up for you.

  2. Go to the ticket setup page > Advanced Options > Tickets

  3. Ticket layout and wording for the related areas and edit as necessary.
    1. In many cases you may be happy with the default settings and won't need to make many changes. 
    2. Remember anything in square brackets refers to a merge field, so it's best to complete the information on the event info tab or other areas of the system rather then type over a merge field.
    3. If you want the ticket to show the name of the person it has been assigned to and/or the type of ticket, you will need to add these merge fields to the ticket layout.

Email Set Up

At the time of purchase, you will want the system to email the tickets to the purchaser and possibly individual tickets to each ticket holder.  Follow these steps to set up that email:

If the Primary Registrant is the Only Ticketholder (No Group Registration)

  1. Insert a merge field that represents your ticket
    1. Click into the area of your email where you would like your ticket to appear
    2. Open the add merge field drop down and scroll to the section called --REGISTRANT MERGE FIELDS--
    3. Select the item called item called "Registrant Ticket w/Barcode". This is where the ticket(s) will be inserted into the email.

If Tickets are Only Accessible to the Primary Registrant (Group Registration)

The only step you'll need to do is add the merge field [MyTicketsURL] to the confirmation email. This will generate a link to the My Tickets page where the Primary Registrant can view and print or send the eTickets via email.

If Tickets are Automatically Sent to Ticketholders (Group Registration)

  1. Go to > General Settings > Email Notifications 
  2. Create a new email, select the Target as "Ticketholders" (or the name that you gave the group registration field) and Name the email, "Tickets"
  3. Check the Recipients box to send the email to the ticket group

  4. Configure your email and make sure that the [BarcodeNumberGuest] merge field is included in the body of the email. *this is the actual barcode to be scanned.


Now that you've set up the your form, ticket and emails, enter some test registrations so that you can see how the tickets look in the emails and on the ticket webpage and make adjustments as needed.

Here are some form testing tips.