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Hide the ePly URL using an iFrame

Sometimes it may be desirable to embed the ePly Registration form within your own website. This is sometimes done using iFrames.  If you are considering using iFrames, you should be aware of the following limitations.
Limitations of using IFrames:
Note that IFrames may not work depending on the end-user's browser settings.  Here are a few known problems that may occur:
  • Modern responsive design techniques do not work within the iFrame.  The result is that forms will be unable to automatically adjust and be optimized for mobile devices.
  • If the end-user has 3rd Party Session cookies disabled and the repeated registration warning message is triggered, they will be unable to complete their registration.
  • If the end-user has 3rd Party Session cookies disabled, the Login page will not work.  
  • Most browsers have a fine control over this, and the user could chose to disable all 3rd party cookies, which would cause the Login page (or other functionality) to fail.  If the user disables 3rd Party Cookies, and specifically enables 3rd party Session cookies, the Login feature seems to work ok.
  • Due to difficulties with various browsers, ePly cannot guarantee iFrames will work in all scenarios. 
  • If issues occur due to cookies being disabled, the Event Planner will be responsible to advise the registrant about this.  
Information regarding 3rd party cookies in browsers:
  • The default in Safari on a MAC or iPhone is that 3rd party cookies are disabled.  Often, people with MACs and iPhones have problems with iFrames.
  • The default in both Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox is that 3rd party cookies are enabled, so it should only be an issue for those people who disabled them manually. 
  • To learn more about this topic, search for the following phrase in Google: 'toggling 3rd party cookies'.
The following are steps to Enable cookies for specific phone applications.

For Chrome:

  • Open the Chrome App
  • Touch the button on the top bar that looks like 3 horizontal lines.
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Content settings
  • Make sure Accept Cookies its set to 'ON'

For Safari

  • Open the iPhone Settings App
  • Scroll down to Safari, touch it
  • Go to 'Block Cookies'
  • Make sure the 'Block Cookies' setting is set to 'Never'

If you are interested in implementing iFrames, please contact ePly Support for assistance with setting it up.  ePly will need to work with the web programmer of your website.