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Make a Form Live

Follow these steps when you are ready to make your form live:
  1. Be sure that you have thoroughly reviewed your form and tested it by submitting test registrations.  See this checklist for what to look for and the steps to follw.
  2. Go into the set up area for the form you want to make live and click "Validator" from the left menu.  This runs some basic checks on your form and may alert you to potential issues.  Contact ePly if you have question about any items the validator finds.
  3. Go into "General Settings" from the left menu and then click "Form Status" tab.
    1. Agree to the terms of service and check off a billing preference if required.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the form and change the form status to "Open" and click "Update Form Status".
After opening your form:
  1. Double check that your form is open by following the link from your website or promotional email.  You will know it's open if the form loads and you don't see the red warning message about being in demo mode at the top of the form.
    If you forgot to set the closing time and date for your form, you may see the registration is closed page even though you have set the form to open mode.  If this is the case, change the close time and date on the General Settings/Event Info page.

  2. Delete any test registrations - To do this go into the reports and click the registrations report.  If you have any demo registrations, you will see a "Delete Demo Registrations" button, clicking this will clear all of the tests.