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Create a Form in French or Another Language

Please note: ePly strongly suggests that if you are creating a form in a different language that is a copy of an English form, that the English form is 100% complete before beginning the new form.  If it is not, updates will have to be made in two places, which is time consuming.

  1. In the My Forms tab, from the left menu, select the form you wish to copy from the drop down list.
    1. Enter a form name - it must be different than that name of the original.
    2. Click "Create New Form!".

  2. Once your new form is created, under Form Setup click on "General Settings" and then the "Options" from the sub-menu. Scroll down and change the locale to the language you need.  This step will automatically translate many of the system messages such as the Submit button and incomplete registration message.

  3. If you are charging a fee to attend your event, go to the Payment Options page and select the appropriate currency to have the proper formatting a currency symbol show on the form.

    1. Manually change the text on the form, in payment options, confirmtion emails, etc. as needed.
      1. Make sure to translate both the Field Names and Field Option Labels/Values so that the Field Names that appear in both the Confirmation email and reports is in the correct language.
      2. For help, translating the fields that are locked ie. First Name, Last Name, Address, etc. Please contact
    Use the Translations Template file below to help you collect all of the text you will need to translate.  There are French samples in the file, but it can be used for any language.
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    Oct 3, 2012, 11:03 AM