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Registration Numbers

If you want to automatically have each registration assigned a number (registration number, confirmation number, or ticket number), you can add this feature by following these steps:
Part 1
  1. On the options page, click "Add Registration Number".
  2. Give your auto-numbering a name, like "RegNumber" or "TktNum".
  3. Enter a starting number (usually "1").   The next registration will start with this number.
  4. Enter a prefix (eg: if the name of your event is Eco Conference, a good prefix would be "Eco-".)
    You might want to add a dash after the prefix to separate the prefix and the number.
  5. Add a number length (we suggest 5).  
    The number part of the Registration number will be padded with 0's to bring it to this length. 
    eg: With a length of 5 and prefix "Eco-", the 99th registrant would get this number: "Eco-00099"
  6. Set if editable.  This should be left at "No" to ensure unique numbers are assigned to each person.
  7. Click "Add Auto Registration Number".
Part 2 - you will need to contatct ePly to help you with this part.
  1. Add a text box field at the top of the first section on your form.
  2. Name it "Registration Number" or something similar.  You do not need to add a label.
  3. ePly Only - Set the request item type to RegNumber and select the Reg Number created in part one for the AutoReg Number field.
  4. Uncheck the visible on form check box and Save the field.

  • If your form supports multiple registrants, and you need a different registration number for each person or want guests to be numbered differently, please contact ePly for help.
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