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Registration Options with different taxes for each province/state.

In a case where a registrant pays a different tax rate based on the province or state they are from the following setup can be used.

  1. In the 'Contact Information' field under Province/State field you can either select a predefined list or create a drop down list of Provinces/States you require for different tax rates.

  2. Next create a new Section by clicking on 'Add New Section' for the different tax regions or provinces/states--this can be called Membership Category.

  3. Once the new section has been created you can edit the name of the section with clicking on 'Edit'.

  4. Next in new Member Category section click on 'Add Field' - the following screen will open.

  5. Change the Field Type to "Radio Button'.
  6. In the Field Name enter the name of the Province/State with same tax rate. Example: Ontario and Newfoundland
  7. The label is what will appear on the form - enter the same name as the field entry.
  8. Next change the 'Tax Group' to the applicable tax rate for the Province/State.

  9. Click on 'Save'.
  10. Next click on 'Add Field Options' and add the radio button options required - this may include multiple options.  Be sure to set the dollar amount for the registration.
  11. Once field options are added click on 'Add Validation' and click on required if necessary. 
  12. Click on update to save the Validation Type.
  13. Next in the Logic section click on 'Add Logic'

  14. Select the Type to 'Show'.
  15. The Dependent Field option should be set to 'Province'.
  16. The Dependent Value should be set to the Province/State with the tax rate desired - as this is the variable which determines the different tax rates.
  17. Repeat this process for all Dependent Values with the same tax rate - as shown below.

  18. To add the next Province/State with a different tax rate click on 'Add Field' and repeat from Step 4.

  19. Once completed the form should look similar to below.