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Smart Adding for Registration Groups

The purpose of feature is the ability to add additional participants based a selection on the form.  Utilized when names must be collected for these additional registrants.

Example 1: If the gold sponsor of an event receives three extra dinner spots based on the sponsorship level selected and names must be recorded.
Example 2: When additional tickets are sold for an event and names must be collected. 

To set up Smart Adding:

  1. First step is to add a registration group by clicking on 'Add Guest Fields' - a registration group name will appear with two head beside the field.;

  2. Add the name to the for the field.

  3. Select either 'Horizontal (Best for 5 fields or less) or 'Vertical (best for more than 5 fields) ' radio button and click on 'Continue'- the following screen will open. 

  4. Next click on 'View Registration Group Properties' - red arrow in above picture - screen below will appear. 
  5. In the 'Add Registrants Option' click off ' Show Buttons to Add Registrants'.
  6. Click on 'Save'.

  7. Click on 'Setup Smart Adding' - the following screen will open.

  8. Two option for Rule Settings: 

    1. Linked to Field - used when a number is linked to a value - How many tickets would you like to purchase?

      1. Select 'Linked to Field' radio button.
      2. Select 'Field' in the drop-down box.

      3. Click on 'Add' - the rule will appear below.
      4. Click on 'Done' to close the window.

      5. On the form the Smart Adding linked to logical will appear as:

    1. Logical - Used when field is dependent on a selection - Gold Sponsor includes 3 additional spots with selection. 

      1. Select the 'Field' the additional guests will be linked to.
      2. Select the Operator options with the drop down box - in the example - 'Is equal to'.

      3. Enter in the value of the 'Field Option' - ensure this is the same name used in the field type value.

      4. In the  '# Guests to add' drop-down select the number of additional guest spots to add.
      5. Click on 'Save' - the rule will now appear below.  
      6. Click on 'Done' to close the window.
      7. On the form the Smart Adding logical will appear as: