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Limit Form Access to a Pre-Registrant List

The Limit Form Access feature gives you more control over your registration form by limiting who can access it. The system creates a landing page for your event and registrants must complete a field such as email address or member number. The system checks what they entered against a list that you've uploaded to determine if they can register. If they're on the list, they will get access to the registration form to sign up for your event. If not, a warning message will appear and they will not be able to access the form.

Some scenarios that would utilize this feature would include:
  • Only allow people to register if on your list;
  • Allow anyone to register, but grant special rates and access to those on the list;
  • Ensuring members have access to member pricing - see below
  • Pre-loading information that you already have so that it saves time in closing a registration, not to mention impressing the registrant in the process. Some information you could pre-load is the name, address, member number, etc.

Basic Setup

1. Enable Limit Form Access 
    • Click "Advanced Options" from the left menu.
    • Click the "Pre-Registrants" tab
    • Check the "Enable use of Pre-Registrants" box.
    • After you've checked the box, options will appear to configure the Landing page.
    • Click Save.
2. Upload a List of Pre-Registrants
    • Click "Browse" and select the excel file you wish to upload.
    • Click "Preview Registrants and Map Columns". A table will appear and you will need to map the columns with accordingly by selecting from the drop down lists.

You MUST map at least one column that match the Registrant Look Up Field. For example, if Email is in the registrant look up field, Email should be one of the mapped columns.

IMPORTANT : The system does not prevent you from uploading the same contacts more than once. To avoid duplicate contacts, first delete any previously uploaded contacts from the Pre-Registrants report if you are re-uploading a list.
    • Click "Upload List".
    • You can view your uploaded list by clicking "Reports" at the top of the left menu, clicking "More Reports", then clicking the "Pre-Registrants" report.

Test It Out

To test if you've set up this feature correctly, click the Preview button at the top right and you should be on the Sign In Page.

From there, type an email (or whatever was set in the Registrant Lookup Field) from the Pre-Registrant list and click Next to see if you'll be taken to the form to complete registration.


If you have any questions about this feature or need help setting it up, please contact us at or call 1-800-507-3759 and press "2" for support.

Advanced Setup

Ensure Members Get Special Pricing

1. Prior to Basic Setup, you must add fields on your registration form that trigger the member pricing. 

The fields to set up are:
  • Member Number - the field that will be preloaded from your uploaded list
    • Field Type: Text Box
    • Field Name: Member Number
    • Field Status: Disabled
  • Member Rate - the field that can be selected if Member Number is filled in.
    • Field Type: Check Box
    • Field Name: Member Rate
    • Field Option: Member Rate - desired price, Member Rate, desired price
    • Logic: "Enabled" - "Member Number" - "Is Not Empty"
  • Non-Member Rate
    • Field Type: Check Box
    • Field Name: Non-Member Rate
    • Field Option: Non-Member Rate - desired price, Non-Member Rate, desired price
2. After you have set up these fields, you will need to upload a modified member list. Start with the Basic Setup steps and in step 2, when you map out your columns, ensure that there is a column for member number. This will auto-fill the member number field when you map this column.

3. Double check your pre-reg settings - Keep everything default except uncheck the box where it says "Only allow Uploaded Pre-Registrants to Register".