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4 - Options

Special Date Ranges

Typical use of this would be if the event had variable pricing based on date. The most common example would be Early Bird and Standard Pricing. Another use would be creating limited time offers. Learn how to Set Up Date Ranges.

Auto Registration Number used by the Event

Typical use of these would be to better organize your attendees. This option is used by more complex forms that deal with multiple types of registrations. Learn how to Add Auto Registration.

Messages - Correct Errors Message 

You can customize the error message people receive when they have not completed the required information on the registration form. This message will show at the top of the form on a light red background (as shown below).

What it looks like in the system:

What it looks like on the form:

Buttons - Register Button Text

You can customize the text in the Submit button. For example, if you want someone to submit an entry to an art show, you would change the text to "Submit Entry". "Submit Registration" is the default text for all newly created registration forms.

Form Locale

We try our best to assist our clients by easily translating some default messages to the language you wish to communicate to your potential event registrations. For example, if you were to attract registrants from Brazil, you would set the Form Locale to Portuguese. When you've clicked Save, some default messages will automatically be translated such as the Register Button text and Correct Errors Messages. You should also be aware of this icon  for when you click it, it will change the default text from English to its corresponding translation.