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2 - Email Notifications

See ePly's suggested wording for various emails.

Creating and Editing Emails

  1. On the Form Setup menu, click on "General Settings" then the "Email Notifications" tab.
  2. Click 'Add Email' or select an existing email from the drop down list.
  3. NAME - Enter a name for your email (for your reference only) if there isn't one already.
  4. TARGET - Indicate who this email should be sent to. You may only have Primary Registrant if there is no group registration on the registration form.

  5. SUBJECT - Enter the Subject for the email.
  6. FROM - Enter a 'Name' and an 'Email Address'.  

  7. RECIPIENTS - If any of the check boxes are selected, this means that the email will go out automatically after a successful registration has been received.

    If you would like to be automatically sent a duplicate confirmation email, you can type your email in the "Always Send to:" box

  8. HTML CONTENT - Enter the email body content. There are 2 versions of the email that will get sent out, the 'html version' and the 'plain text version'. You can choose to automatically generate a text version or manually create one yourself. Most people are set up to receive HTML emails but some people have their email programs configured to only accept text emails.
  9. If you want the registrants' detailed registration selections to be appended to the email, select the "Append all registration selections..." check-box. 
    1. Alternatively, you can insert the block of registrant details into the body of your email.  To do this, insert the merge field called "Registration Details - Main Guest" using the merge field drop down menu.  If you have group registration on your form, you will also see a merge field in the list for each reg group.

  10. After you've configured your email, click SAVE.
  11. TEST YOUR EMAIL - Send yourself a test email to see how it appears in your inbox.  Note that inserted Merge Fields and Appended registrant data will not appear when testing the email this way.  To test the merge fields, enter a demo registration by filling out and submitting your registration form.

Using Merge Fields

You can add Merge Fields that uses your registration data to customize the text within the body of the email. For example, you can address the registrant by having "Dear [First Name]" in the body of the email. If you've filled in the details in the Event Info tab from General Settings, you can use the merge fields such as [FormEventLocation], [Form Name]. etc. 

Conditional Emails

This feature gives you the power to send an email based on specific parameters such as registration type or option. There are many ways you use this feature, some examples include:

  • Not sending the confirmation email or sending a different email if a registrant selects Not Attending on an RSVP form.
  • Sending an email that includes specific information/instructions to those only registered for a specific session.
  • Sending important sponsor emails to only those who selected sponsorship on the registration form.

Receipt / Invoice / Other Payment Option Emails

If you are are collecting payments on your registration form, the ePly system will automatically create an email for each payment option as a receipt, invoice, or other payment email. You will see these in the email notifications list and be able to edit the content and settings. Eg. if you have Credit Card enabled in the Payment Options, you will see "Credit Card Receipt" in the Email Notifications list.