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1 - Event Info

Merge fields allow you to change an event detail such as the event name in one place (on the general settings page) and have the change reflected every where you use the event name (header, thanks page, confirmation email, closed page, etc.).

We suggest using a merge field if you will be having the same information in more than one area of your registration system.  Doing this will speed up setup and eliminate errors when you are updating details or copying forms.  Merge fields are especially useful when you have repeating events and you simply need to update the time, date and location details each time.

You might want to use merge fields for:
  • the event name, time, date, etc. since these details will likely appear in your header, in confirmation emails and on the closed page.
  • the name, phone number and email address of a contact person since the name usually appears in the footer of the registration form, in confirmation emails and receipts and on the closed page.

Here are the standard merge fields that are built into the system.  See below if you need custom merge fields.

registration form merge fields

You can insert a merge field into any area of the system where you see the add merge field drop down.  Just select the field from the drop down and it will appear in the related text area.

Here is an example of how merge fields appear when they are inserted into the header area.