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5 - Form Status

Here is a description of the different form status options available on the form status page.


  1. When a form is in test mode, it allows you to submit test registrations and then permanently delete them from the database. 
  2. A warning appears at the top of the registration form saying that the form is in test mode.
  3. Test mode registrations are identified by a yellow circle in the reports.
  4. When in test mode, a test credit card number is populated on the form to allow you to submit with the credit card option, but not charge a real card.
  5. You are never billed for a test registrations.


  1. Open mode is when you are accepting real registrations.
  2. Registrations will have a green square next to them in the reports.
  3. Registrations that you delete will appear in the deleted registrations report and you have an option to restore them.


  1. If someone attempts to view your registration form when in closed mode, they will see the closed page text rather than the form.
  2. You still have full access to the back end reporting and you are able to enter registrations in the back end.
  3. Setting your form to closed mode will override the setting called "Closing Date" on the general info page.
  4. If the closing date for the form is reached, anyone attempting to view your registration form will see the closed text even if your form is still set to be open.

Archive Mode

  1. This is the same as closed mode, but will remove the form from the event list on the "My Events" tab by unless the archive check box is checked.
  2. Put old events into archive mode to keep your current event list tidy and make it easy to spot your current events in the list.
  3. You can always access the forms in archive mode by checking the archive check box on the event list page and nothing is deleted when archiving them.