Edit a Live Form

It's possible to edit registration forms after going live, but you should carefully consider the changes and take some precautions before starting. 
For example, if you already have registration data in the system and then add a new field you may need to contact all of the existing registrants to get their response to the new field or your reporting will be inconsistent.
Please contact ePly for advice before starting your changes if you are unsure of what you need to do.
Here are a list of suggestions:
  1. Do a download of all of the registration data from the dashboard as an extra backup and and save it to your computer before starting.
  2. Save a back up copy of the whole registration form to your computer - In Internet Explorer, load the form then go to - File - Save As - set the file type to MHT and save it to your computer.  This makes a complete copy in case you need to look back to see how the form looked before your changes.
  3. Consider if you should close registration while making the changes.  For simple text changes you probably don't need to close the form, but if you are adding fields, you don't want people trying to register while you are doing the work.
    If closing the form:
    1. Copy the current closed text to a notepad.
    2. Change the text on the closed page to say “Sorry, the registration form is currently being updated, please check back in x minutes.”
    3. Close the form
    4. Don't for get put the original closed text back when you are done the changes.
  4. You should test all changes thoroughly, even a minor change can impact the form in ways you might not expect.  If you load the form and add /demo to the end of the URL that appears in your address bar, you will be ablel to test in demo mode without actually changing the mode the form is in.

If you need to add, remove or change the value of a field option, you may want to consult with ePly first.  Changing the value or other parts of a field on a live form can corrupt the data in the database if not done correctly.