Emails - Ensuring they are received

Please check the following if someone reports they are not receiving an email notification from the system:

1. Check to see if there is a registration in the database for the person in question. If not, they may not have actually submitted the form.  Sometimes a person will click submit, but a validation error prevents the form from submitting.  Not realizing, the person closes their browser.

2. Confirm that the email address was entered correctly.

3. Add '' as an allowed sender in your email program.

4. Ask the person what SPAM systems they have in place, check junk mail folders etc. 

    - Often IT departments in larger companies have spam rules in place to control what emails are allowed.  Sometimes the rules get out of date, or need to be adjusted.  Contact ePly if you require the IP addresses our servers may deliver mail from.

5. To help isolate whether it is SPAM related, do the following (also see below for a tool to test your Spam score):

     - re-send the confirmation email (or email that fails) from the ePly system

     - re-send an invoice or receipt email to the same person to determine whether all or just some emails fail (see Notes below)

6. As a workaround, if the confirmation email is still not received, try sending it to yourself and then forwarding it to the participant from your standard email program (Outlook., etc.)

7. If you have 2 or more computers able to receive email, only one might be receiving the email?  If computer A is on a shorter email 'Send/Receive' schedule than computer B (that you are working on), it could be retrieving the email first.

8. Emails can be rejected when a recipient subscribes to an Email Validation service.  Typically these services work by forcing the recipient to accept every new email sender before the email will be delivered to their inbox.  If the end-user accidentally disallows '' as a sender, they will never receive future emails sent from the ePly system.  Similar problems can occur when the Validation service has some sort of failure at the time when the initial email is sent from the ePly system.  If the registrant subscribes to such a service, there is normally a way for them to manually add an accepted email address, so they will get future emails.  They would want to ensure '' has been added as an allowed sender.

9. Emails can also fail due to issues around Sender Policy Framework.  Review this page about SENDER POLICY FRAMEWORK (SPF).


NOTES on Spam emails

Sometimes over-use of hyperlinks will cause a higher SPAM score, resulting in some users (especially corporate, institutional) from receiving the email.  One easy way to check this is to create a simplified version of the offending email (using our sytem) and try sending that to the person who is unable to get it.  A clue that this is occurring is that the person gets the Invoice or Receipt emails, but not the confirmation email.

Test the Spam score of your Email

You can send a test email to check the spam score.  For example, if emails are going into junk email, the spam score could be quite low due to factors such as not enough words/characters, images too large, etc.

1. Visit:

2. Use the email address that's provided on that website to test with.  There are 2 ways to do this:

    a. Simply open the registration form you are testing, and use the above email to register and submit the registration.

    b. OR go to a previous registration you have done in the ePly system by going to Reports/Primary Registrants, then click one of the registrations existing in the system.  Scroll to the bottom of the Primary Registrant page and find the 'Send Email' section.  From 'Select Email', choose the email you want to test, enter the email address from Step 1 above and click 'Send'.  This is a simpler way to test.

3. Go back to the website in step 1 and click "Then Test Your Score"

4. The rating is out of 10 and you want your email to be as close to 10 as possible.