Form Testing Checklist

It's critical that you test your registration form to ensure that everything appears correctly, the pricing is right and the form functions as expected.  Spending a few extra minutes on testing will save you time responding to phone calls and emails from registrants having problems with your form.  Problems on your form could even mean losing a registration if people become frustrated and abandon the form.

See our 7 Steps To Eliminate Online Event Registration Headaches Infographic for a quick overview of the testing process.

How to check

1. Visual Inspection - Get Better Results  

This is where you read through your form and make sure that the details are correct, fields are properly aligned and everything looks good.  We find that many people miss mistakes such as spelling errors (See "Common Wording Errors..."). 

2. In the ePly system, run the Validator

The ePly system is programmed to do some automatic testing for you.  From the left settings menu, just click the validator button and then watch for and warnings or errors to appear if any potential issues are detected.

Automatic form validator

3. Submit Test Registrations

Once you've done the visual inspection of the form, you need to submit some test registrations so that you can see prices get calculated, see the thank you page (the page that displays after a registration is submitted) and check the confirmation and/or payment receipt emails.  Remember, depending on how your form is set up and how many payment options you have, the thank you pages and payment receipt emails will be different and unique. In most cases, you will need to be submitting several test registrations to thoroughly test your form.

Registration Form 15-point Checklist:

 Here is a list of the main areas to check when reviewing your registration form. Not all items will apply to all forms.
  1. Formatting – should be consistent and professional looking. 
  2. Images and colours – should match website or event marketing material. 
  3. All wording, spelling and grammar 
  4. Times, dates, locations, etc. 
  5. Pricing – select all combinations on the form to confirm pricing 
  6. Correct tax applied if applicable. 
  7. Correct payment options are showing. 
  8. Correct contact person name and details. 
  9. Cancellation policy is accurate if applicable. 
  10. Links on the registration form, thank you pages and email go to the correct location. 
  11. From name and email address for all emails is correct. 
  12. Subject line in all emails is correct. 
  13. Body of the confirmation email contains the correct details. 
  14. Merchant details in credit card receipt are showing and are correct. 
  15. Payment instructions are included in invoices/payment reminders.

See this very detailed form testing checklist if you want a guide for extra careful testing.

Other Testing Resources

Direct Support

ePly's support specialists are always willing and able to help you. If at anytime you would like us to review your form, whether the form was made on the ePly system or not, we're more than happy to assist. Please call us at 1-800-507-3759 and press "2" for support or email