Quick Start Guide

Create a Registration Form

1. From the menu, click on the 'Create New Form' button.

Create a Form button

2. A window will appear where you can select a template or form to copy. Select a template, name your form, and click the 'Create Form' button.

3. Once you've clicked the Create Form button, you will be taken to the Form Setup page. The Form Setup page is where will program your form before it goes live. 

Getting Started

We suggest that you get started at the top of the left menu and work your way down, but you can do it in any order since you may not have all of the details ready.

  1. Click 'General Settings' and then fill in the details in the 'Event Info' tab.
  2. Setup the 'Email Notifications' - these are the automated emails that are sent out after the form has been submitted.
  3. Customize your 'Form Link'
  4. Change the 'Thank You' text - this is what the registrant sees after the form has been submitted.
  5. Start to Add Sections, then Add Fields within the sections (see below). Each section/field will act as a building block on the form.
  6. Adjust the 'Look and Feel' of the form.  ePly will brand your form for free, just provide us with a logo or event website to match the registration form.

Add a Section
To add a section, click the 'Add New Section +' button near the bottom of the left menu. Click OK to add the new section. It will be added as New Section1

Add New Section button

After you click into the new section, click on the Edit link to edit the Section Heading, Show/Hide the Subtotal, give the Subtotal a Label, make the whole section Visible/Not Visible. You can also delete the section by clicking on the Delete Section link.

Add a Field
Click on a section and click the "+ Add Field" button.

To set up a field, please see Basic Setup for fields. If you're unsure of what type of field to use, please see Field Types.

View Your Form
View your form after making changes to ensure that the section/fields are displaying as you expect. Click on the 'View Form' button at the top right.

Tips for a Smooth Setup

  1. View your form after making a few changes to make sure you are happy with the changes you are making.
  2. Ask ePly to take care of the branding for you, we do this free of charge.
  3. Ask for help sooner than later.  We are happy to help you get started and give you some advice on the best way to set up your form.

Getting Help

Hover over the ? icons for basic help on an item or browse our help topics from the left menu.

If you prefer to speak to someone, support is free and you can:
  1. Live Chat - click on the HELP & FEEDBACK button at the top right to initiate
  2. Call us at 1-800-507-3759
  3. Email support at support@eply.com.  
We are here from 7AM to 6PM PST,  Mondays to Fridays.


After you complete your setup, you must test your registration form by submitting one or more test registrations and ensure that everything works as you expect, that pricing is correct and all wording has been updated.

ePy's detailed testing checklist for our recommended testing procedure.

Also, click the 'Validator' button from the left menu.  The system has several automated checks that it will do on your form and alert you to any potential problems.

Validator button

Don't forget that we offer a free review of your form too.  Just contact us and we will look over your and let you know if we have any suggestions.

Going Live

When you are happy with your form, it's time to make it live.

  1. Click 'General Settings' then click the 'Form Status' tab.
  2. Check the box to agree to the terms of service and enter the signor's name in the box.
  3. Click 'Update'.
  4. Scroll down and change the Form Status from 'Test' to 'Open'.
  5. Click the 'Update Form Status' button.