Sample Wording For Notification Emails

After people click the "Register" button on your form, they are automatically sent one or more emails by the system. The main email will confirm their registration and other emails may include credit card receipts, invoices or other instructions.

Event Confirmation Email, Thank You Email

The primary purpose of the confirmation is to confirm that the registration was received, the first line is usually similar to "Thank you for registering..."  We suggest that you include a lot more information in this email to do the following:
  • Reconfirm that registering for the event was a good decision to minimize and potential buyers remorse.
  • Remind people what they registered for.
  • Provide a handy reference of details such as the times, date, location, map link, etc.  Many people will refer to the email on there phone especially when they are on the way to the event.
  • Answer any other questions registrants might have.  If you do a good job of covering off the basics, it will help to reduce the number of calls and emails you get from people asking questions, there are some examples below.
  • Provide your contact information.

Sample Confirmation Email Text

Subject Line: [Event Name] Registration Confirmation

Dear [First Name],
Thank you for registering for the [enter name of event].  We have a great event planned and know that you will [enter some event benefits]
The event starts at [time and date] and will be held at [venue and address].  Here is a link to a map [map link].

[enter other content here depending on the event, see below for ideas]
If you have any questions please contact [name and phone number of contact person].
Thank you and see you at the event!
[Your signature]

Other content ideas for your confirmation emails:

  1. Name of the event, time, date and location.
  2. Where to check in and what time check in starts.
  3. If it's a ticketed event, give instructions - if people need to bring a ticket with them, pick it up at at the event or just give their name at the door.
  4. Name, phone number and email address of a contact person the participant can call if they have questions.
  5. Link to an online map.
  6. Links to hotel websites or restaurants listings in the area.
  7. Suggested areas to park and costs, and any transit routes to the event (an online map would be useful here too).
  8. Itinerary of the event.
  9. What to bring.
  10. What not to bring.
  11. Links to sponsors websites.
  12. Mention of the speakers or other specific details.
  13. Mention age restrictions if necessary.
  14. Other important details such as "Wear comfortable shoes as we will be walking between areas" or "Bring a coat as the reception is outside".
  15. Encourage people to mention the event to other people.

Other tips

  1. Follow some email best practices to avoid having your email get caught in SPAM filters, see this related article about email invitation best practices for some ideas.
  2. Avoid words like 'Free', '$$$', 'Save', 'Discount', ‘Please read’ or ‘Special Promotion’ in the body or subject line
  3. Use lots of white space so that the email is easy to read and scan through
  4. Separate out the key information so it’s easy to find.
  5. Refer to the event name in the subject line, i.e.; "ABC AGM 2008 Registration Confirmation."
  6. Sender Name - Use a recognizable sender name so your registrants can immediately see who the email is from.

See this blog post for more on event registration confirmation emails.


Email Invoice, Cheque/Check Notification

If your registration form allows people to pay by cheque, you will want to have the system automatically generate and email an invoice. 

This email should include:
  1. The name of the event and date.
  2. The amount owing.
  3. A break down of any taxes.
  4. How to make the payment
    1. Who to make the cheque out to
    2. Where to send it
  5. A deadline for the payment to be made.

Sample Invoice Email

Subject Line: [Enter Event Name] Invoice

Dear [First Name],

Thank you for registering for [FormName].

Please print this invoice for your records.


Primary Registrant: [First Name] [Last Name]
Company:  [Company]

Subtotal - 
Tax - 
Total Payable - 

Please make your check payable to [Enter Name] and mail to [Enter mailing address].
Your check must be dated the date of registration and received within [enter number of days] business days of your registration. Your registration is not completed until your payment has been received.

 Adjust the wording and details as necessary for your situation.


Cheque Received Email

This is a sample of an email that you could set up to manually send after a registrant mails you a cheque and you have recorded it in the system.
Email Subject Line: [EventName] Registration Receipt


Thank you for your payment for the [Event Name].

Name: [First Name] [Last Name]
Email: [Email]
Phone: [Phone Number]

Total Due: [Total+]
Paid: [Paid+]
Balance: [Balance+]

PayPal Reminder Email

If PayPal is an option on your form, you may want to use this wording:

Dear [First Name],

Thank you for registering for the [event] on [date] at [location].

Name: [First Name] [Last Name]
Email: [Email]
Phone: [Phone]

Total: [Total]

You have elected to pay via PayPal (

1. Please go to  You don't need a PayPal account, but if you have one you can login.

2. Send your payment for [Total] owing to [email address].

3. Make sure to include your name in the "Email to Recipient" section in your PayPal transaction.

If you have any questions, please contact [name and phone number].

Thank you and see you at the event.

[from name]

Wire Transfer

If you are offering wire transfers as a form of payment here is some sample wording.  On the Form add wording to the effect of - Wire transfer instructions will be sent to you at the email address that you submit.

Thank you for registering for the [event name].

This email contains instructions for sending your Wire Transfer.
All transfers must be in [currency] dollars. We must receive your wire transfer within [# of days] working days of your registration in order to secure your registration.


Name: [First Name] [Last Name]
Company: [Company]
Email: [Email]
Phone: [Phone Number]

[Total+] IN [currency] DOLLARS


Bank address: 
Swift Code:   
Account Number: 

All wire transfer amounts must be in [currency] dollars.

The sending institution and any intermediary banks may deduct service charges. These costs will be the responsibility of the delegate.

Offline Credit Card Processing Fax Back Form

If you are not processing credit cards online, you can use the following wording to request registrants fax their credit card information to you.

Thank you for registering for the [event name].

Name: [First Name] [Last Name]
Company: [Company]
Email: [Email Address]
Phone: [Phone]

Total: [Total]

To pay by credit card by fax, print this email, and fax it along with the following information to [phone number].

Credit Card Type _______________________________

Name on Credit Card _______________________________

Credit Card Number _______________________________

Expiry Date _______________________________

Signature _______________________________

If you have any questions, please contact [name] by phone at [phone] or by email at [email].