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My Contacts

Before you can send email, you must add your contacts to the system:

1. Click the "Invites" tab at the top of the screen

2. Click "My Contacts" from the left menu

Uploading a list of contacts

1. Click  

2. Click 'Browse' and select a spreadsheet file (.xls or .xlsx) containing your contacts.
3. Click 'Preview and Map Columns'

i. Select if you want to a) create a new mailing list, b)add to an existing mailing list, c) remove from a mailing list, or d) delete contact.

*If you are creating a new mailing list, remember to give it a name 

ii. Map your columns by changing the drop down from "- Ignore -" to First Name and so on (as seen in the example below).

*If the first row in your spreadsheet has a column heading (First Name, Last Name, Email), then you would select "No" (as seen in the example below). If it doesn't, select "Yes".

4. Check the compliance and agreement box then click 

You should receive confirmation of upload (as seen below). If you do not, please email for troubleshooting.

Adding one contact at a time
  1. Click 'Create New Contact'
  2. Key in the details in the fields provided and check the compliance and agreement box.
  3. Click 'Add Contact'


Next, Confirm that the Mailing List was Created and/or Add Contacts to a Mailing List.