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Email Templates

This is where you set up the email that you want to send to your contacts.

1. Click on "Email Templates" on the menu on the left of the screen.

2. Click  

3. Type in the Template name (this is for your reference only), Email Subject (What recipient will see in the subject line), check the "Email for Use" box, and type the email body text in the HTML Body and Text Body boxes.

4. When you have finished creating your Email Template, click "Save".

Insert Link to Track Invitees
If you need track who's registered from your email invitation, after you've set up your email template, please email to ensure this feature is set up correctly.

  • Merge fields allow you to automatically insert text into an email.  For example Dear [ContactFirstName] will show up in the email as Dear Jane, if the contact's first name is saved as "Jane"
  • You should always create an HTML version and a text version.  If your contact doesn't accept the HTML version, the system will deliver the text version.  A quick way to create the text version is to copy and paste the html version into the text version area.
  • The mandatory field that you see as [UNSUBSCRIBE] when you create a new template will automatically insert a link in case your contact wants to unsubscribe from your mailing list.
  • To be compliant of Anti-Spam laws, the mandatory field you see as [CLIENTADDRESS] must be in the email.


The Final Step is to Send Your Email.