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Set Up Automatic Email to Registrants with Incomplete Payments

This feature is used to help you keep track of registrants who did not complete payment by sending an automatic email if payment has not been received after a certain period of time. This is a two step process which you must 1) Set up the Payment Reminder email and 2) Configure the options.

1) Set Up the Payment Reminder Email

  1. To Set Up the Email, please follow the steps in creating a new email - 2 - Email Notifications
Sample Wording for Payment Reminder Email

Dear [First Name], 

We see that you attempted to register for [FormName], but your payment was not completed. We must receive payment before registration closes on [FormClosingDate]. 

Please have your payment information ready and contact [FormContactName] at [FormContactPhone] to process your registration. 

Thank you. 

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the box for 
"Primary Registrant when registration is first submitted"
 is unchecked in the Recipients section of the email.

2) Configure the Options

  1. Click on "Payment Options" from the left menu, and click the "Status Options" tab in the middle of the screen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select your newly created email.

  3. Select how long the system should wait before sending out the automatic email. We recommend 1 hour for most forms.
  4. Click Save.


  • This feature should be set up prior to making your form live. If this feature is set up in the middle of registration period, the registrants with a negative balance prior to enabling this feature will need to be sent the Payment Reminder email manually.
  • To make the payment process automatic and seamless, enable Form Logins and ensure that the Login Link and Password are in the email you created in Step 1. This allows registrants who did not complete payments, to log back into their registration and pay directly on the form. This eliminates registrants having to call you to process their payment in the back end or you telling the registrant to register again.