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Declined Credit Cards and Incomplete Payments

How Do I Know They Haven't Paid?

Click on 'Reports' from the left menu to access the 'Payments' report. Incomplete payments are typically indicated by "CC - Not Attempted" in the Form Pay Type column. However, a better way to see if they have not completed payment is if the Balance column is negative Balance Owing.

The system saves a copy of the registration details as soon as a registration clicks the submit button at the bottom of a form so that there is a record of the registration. If the registrant completes a credit card transaction on the following screen, the report will be updated to show that the registrant paid.

There are a few cases where the report will show that the registrant hasn't paid and it's up to you to decide how to handle these.

1. The registrant abandoned the payment form

Sometimes a registrant will complete the first part of the form and then choose not to enter their credit card details to pay.  They may have realized that they don't have their card with them, got distracted, etc.  The registrant will not have received a confirmation email or seen the thank you for registering screen if payment is not successful.

If you see that there wasn't an attempt to pay we recommend contacting the registrant to if they still would like to attend the event.  If yes, then you can process their card from the back end or you can delete the registration and advise them to register again.

2. The credit card was declined

When a credit card is declined, a notice page will appear with a declined credit card message and the registrant will not receive a registration confirmation email since the transaction was not completed and from the registrant's perspective they are not registered.  We recommend contacting the registrant to try again or to see if they would like to arrange another method of payment with you or you can just delete the registration.

Clicking the 'Details' link next to the declined transaction on the Payment Summary page will often provide a reason for the decline in the 'Response Message' field.
Sometimes the registrant may have re-registered on their own and made a successful payment.  If a person re-registers successfully after having a declined transaction, you will want to delete the original registration with the Declined Credit Card. 

If you have duplicate names in your database as a result of declined credit card transactions, you can follow this procedure to delete them.  

Pay very close attention to the balance owing. If there is a balance owing, the credit card was declined and this is the registration to delete. If the balance is zero, the credit card went through and no money is owing.

  1. Use the "Payments" report to identify the transactions.
  2. Sort the payments report by Last Name by clicking 'Last Name' in the title row.
  3. Carefully review the names and balance owing of registrations marked with a green square.
  4. Registrations marked with a red triangle have already been deleted, and will also show in the deleted guests report. Deleted registrations should show a balance owing of $0.00 and can be ignored.
  5. To delete a registration, click on the hyper-linked name, and verify that the credit card was declined.  Click 'Details' for a complete transaction summary.
  6. Click on the 'Delete Registration' link.
  7. After deleting the registration, click 'Payments' to return to the report if you need to continue to delete registrations.

3. After clicking "Submit Registration", nothing happens

In some cases, the registrant who contacts you will ask if they are registered and may describe that after clicking the submit button, nothing happens. It is known that some anti-virus software fully protects their customers by not allowing credit card payments on websites. We have found cases that Kaspersky Internet Security has a feature called Safe Money that hinders credit card transactions in ePly. In order for your registrant to pay by credit card on an ePly form, they must add "" to the Safe Money list and "Run Protected Browser". For more information, please visit:

4. After clicking "Pay Now" on the payment panel, the waiting screen is stuck.

This may be an issue with your merchant account or internal coding on the page. Please give a call at 1-800-507-3759 and press "2" for support.


5. The registrant selected to pay by cheque or other non credit card method (if it's available on your form)

If you are allowing offline payments such as cheques, registrants will show with a balance owing until you record that you've received a cheque.  If you've determined that the registrant won't be paying, you can delete the registration to clear the balance