Discount Codes Feature

This feature will allow you to provide codes to registrants to give them a dollar amount or a percentage off of their total. The settings in the feature also let you control how it is applied, when and how many times a code can be used.

Set Up Discount Code

1. To Set Up a Discount Code, go to Payment Options and click on the Discount Codes tab.

2. Select a field beside "Show Discount Code Box Below". Typically this is the "Event Registration" field or the field that contains paid registration options. You may also choose to have the discount code box in the payment summary (see image below) so that they can type out the code after they have seen their total amount. In this case, select the "Payment Summary" field in the drop down list.

3. To Add a Code, click .
4. In the Discount Code Setup, you can type in your code and the amount/percentage off. Click Save and you have added your first code. Codes are not case-sensitive. 

5. To set up a code with more specific requirements, click on the "More Options" button to expand the Discount Code Setup box.

"Tax Group" - can automatically calculate tax on the discount and subtract it accordingly.
"Apply discount" - can be used to specify who is allowed to use the code by setting conditions based on names, email, registration options, etc.
"Number of time code can be used" - sets a limit on the discount code.
"Code Effective" - uses a date range for when the code is active.

As always, ePly is always here to help you, if you require more personal instruction, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-507-3759 and press “2” for support or email