Set up fixed amount discounts with a code

If you want to discount the total amount a registrant owes on a form by a fixed amount when they enter a code, follow these steps:

  1. Add a text box to your form for people to enter in a code.  It's usually best to add this below your registration options. To do this, go into the set up area and click into the section you want the field to appear from the left men

  2. Add a check box below the code field that you just added.  This field will not be visible on the form and will be set up to control the discount amount depending on the code entered.

  3. Scroll down to and add a field option for your check box

  4. Add logic that will set the discount amount based on the code entered.

  5. Your form should look something like this:

  1. Make sure registrants are forced to select a price item greater than the discount you are offering.  If you don't the balance at the bottom of the form will be negative which can cause a problem.