Set up "Validator" Code Box

Please follow the steps below to have a code box appear when a registrant chooses a specific registration. For example, a code box will appear if "Speaker Registration" is selected. This will not allow submitting the form without a valid code.

Step 1: Create a Radio Button Field that has different types of registration options

Step 2: Add the Promo Code Text Box field

Add a text box to your form for people to enter in a code.  It's usually best to add this below your registration options. To do this, go into the set up area and click into the section you want the field to appear from the left men

Step 3: Add Validation

1. Click Add Validation
2. Select "Custom" as Validation Type
3. Click Save
4. Add validation text in the "Valid Expression" column (This is what the registrant's code should be)

There are different ways codes can be validated:

Codes need to be case-sensitive with no variation - ^HSBC157      - matches only 'HSBC157', does not allow spaces at the beginning, but allows spaces at the end.

Codes aren't case-sensitive? - (?i)^HSBC157$ - matches 'HSBC157' or 'hsbc157' or 'HsbC157', etc., no spaces allowed

Need more than one code? - (?i)^HSBC157$|^test123$ - matches 'HSBC157' or 'hsbc157' or 'HsbC157' or 'TEst123' or 'test123', etc... no spaces allowed

5. Click Save

Step 4: Add Logic to the Code field.

1. Click Add Logic
2. Select "Show" under Type
3. Select the field you created in Step 1 "Registration Type" as the Dependent Field. Logic is always dependent on other fields.
4. Select "Is Equal To" as the Operator
5. Select which option you need someone to enter a code for. (This will bring up the validator code box when that registration option is selected.)
6. Click Save