All Transactions Report

This report is very useful when working with Payment related information.  Some useful ways to use this are:
  • Reconcile month-end credit card transactions against your Merchant Account or bank account deposits (for clients having their own merchant account).
  • Find all charges or payments in a a specific category
  • Find all people who chose a particular payment type

Most of the other basic reports list one row in the report for each registrant, but this report lists one row for each 'transaction' that is done for each registrant.  This is similar to what is shown on the 'Payment Summary' tab for a registrant.  Examples of 'transactions' include the following:
  •   The initial 'Charges' that are applied to a registrant, including:
    • separate row for each fee being charged (such as conference or session fee)
    • separate row for tax (if applicable)
  • Any payments that are applied, including:
    • Credit Card payments and refunds
    • Other payments received
  • Any payment related adjustments that are applied to a registration in the backend, including:
    • Cancellation fee applied
    • Adding an additional fee

Getting the data you want
The filters boxes at the top of each column in the report can be used to drill down into specific details you may be interested in.

Example 1: To show all approved credit card transaction between May1, 2015 and June 1, 2015, add these filters:
    Trans Date:             From: 1/5/2015    to: 1/6/2015
    Adjustment type:    'cred'
    CC Status:              'a'  (or 'Approved'.... either will give the same result)

            NOTE: Remember that entering a 'to' date of June 1, 2015 will list transactions up to midnight on June 1, which is essentially the end of the day on May 31.  Also keep in mind that the dates are referenced to Pacific Time.

Example 2: Show all charges, along with item descriptions, for the event: 
    Adjustment type:    'charge'

After seeing the data you want, you can further sort or summarize it by downloading to csv or Excel.

When you download the report using csv or Excel format, the report provides a number of additional fields you may mind useful.  The pdf download does not include these additional fields. Some of the additional columns are:
  • Unique Registration ID
  • Email and Phone
  • Separate columns for Visa, Mastercard, and Amex transactions
  • Authorization Code, Transaction ID and error messages for credit card transactions
  • Tax Name (where applicable)
  • Registration Date
  • User Name for transactions that were done in the backend.

Warning regarding 'Form Pay Type'
Many people have asked for the 'Form Pay Type' to be included in reports, so we are now including it on this report.  But it is important to remember that this field can be misleading if not understood.
'Form Pay Type' refers to the original payment type picked by the registrant when they first registered, and it may not match the method they paid with.  
For example, the person might choose 'Pay by Cash' on the form, but then later called in on the phone and made a payment by credit card.  In this case, the 'Form Pay Type' will still indicate 'Cash', but the 'Adjustment Type' column would indicate 'Receive Credit Card'.
Another example is that a person may owe $100, and decide to pay $50 by Cash, and the balance by Credit Card.  In this case, the report would include separate rows for the $50 cash payment and $50 credit card payment, but the Form Pay Type would indicate 'Cash' for both entries.