Calculated Columns

You can add a column to a custom report that contains a formula to perform a calculation, combine text fields or even add text to the value of an existing field.

Steps to add a calculated column:
  1. Start a new custom report or go into the settings area of an existing report.
  2. Click Add New Calculated Column.

  3. Give the column a Caption.
  4. Use the insert field drop down to select the fields to use in your formula, see below for examples.  
    1. For arithmetic calculations, separate the fields with a +, -, / or *.
  5. Set the column format using the drop down list on the right.  
    1. If you are doing an arithmetic calculation, set the Column Format to integer, decimal or currency as required.
    2. If doing a simple text concatenation, set the Column Format to text.
  6. Save the column.


Arithmetic Operations

Get the total number of tickets someone purchased if you have different ticket categories:

[Member tickets] + [Non-Member tickets]

Text Operation

If you want to combine the registrant's first and last name into one column.

[First Name] [Last Name]