Check-In Attendees / ePly App

With a simple click or touch, this feature helps event planners keep track of who attended their event.

Check-In Attendees from a Computer

If you have a dedicated computer (or computers) with internet access set up at a check-in desk at your event, you can log into your ePly account and bring up either the Primary Registrants, All Registrants, or Check-In report in the Reports section to check attendees into the event. When you've brought up the appropriate list, you can check the box in the Check-In Status column of the report to check-in your registrants. If you use the Check-In report, it will tell you who checked-in the registrant and when they were checked-in.

Check-In Attendees via the ePly App

1) Install for the ePly App for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

              1. From your mobile device, tap the Apple App Store icon or the Google Play Store icon. Then tap the search icon.
              2. Type “eply” to bring up the App in the search list and tap the ePly App to access it.
              3. Tap “Install” and “Accept” and the App will start downloading.
              4. After it has finished downloading, the ePly App icon should appear on your mobile device.
              5. Log-in with your ePly username and password.

2.0) Check-In Attendees by pulling up their record in the ePly App

              1. Touch the appropriate registration form
              2. Touch the Check-In Registrants button
              3. Touch the Main Check-In Report
              4. You can sort the list by changing the drop down filter or search by name, company, or email in the "Enter search text" bar
              5. Touch the empty black box on the left side of the registrant name to Check-In that registrant
              6. You can also filter who you've checked-in and not checked-in in the 3 tabs below the registration list within the App.

2.1a) Check-In Attendees by Scanning the Barcode from a paper ticket or mobile device

              1. First you must set this up prior to using the ePly App. For more information, please see Setting Up eTickets and Barcodes
              2. Please follow the above steps under "Check-In Attendees by pulling up their record in the ePly App" and after step 3, touch the Scan bar at the bottom of the screen.This will enable your phone's camera.
              3. Tilt your phone so that the barcode fits in the clear area so that the barcode can be scanned.
              4. Once the barcode is scanned it will bring up the registrant's record so that you can check off the black box to check them in. Alternatively, you follow the steps below to automatically check in attendees after scanning their barcode.

2.1b) Check-In Attendees Automatically after Scanning the Barcode

  1. To set this up, you must access the Check-In Report outside of the ePly App.
  2. When you are on the Check-In report, click on the "Configure Report" button and under ePly App Settings, select "Scan to Check-in". This will automatically save.

Create a Checked-In report so that you can Send Emails to Registrants who attended the event

You may want to create a checked-in only report so that you can send email or certificates of attendance to those who attended the event. To create this report, please follow the steps "Send 'Thank You for Attending' Emails to Attendees".