Creating Name Badges

This feature saves you time and frustration when creating name badges after you've collected registrations for your event. This feature is not only useful for creating name badges, but you can also create certificates of participation, and even full page tickets with scannable barcodes. 

See more examples of name badges by visiting our features page - Name Badges and PDF Creator.

If you have any questions about this feature, please don't hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone at 1-800-507-3759 and pressing "2" for support.

To create a name badge template, please follow the steps below:
  1. From the Reports tab click the "Badge/File PDF Setup" button.
  2. Click the "New Badge/PDF File" button (as shown below).

  3. Select your Stock/Page Size from the down list or create your own by selecting "Create Custom Stock".

  4. Add and map out registrant information by clicking  and selecting from the Merge Fields drop down. Merge fields take the information gathered from registrants and auto populates their information in the finalized name badge PDF file.

    Typical merge fields that you would use are [First Name], [Last Name], and [Company].

    This is what a basic name badge should look like:

  5. Click Save and name your Name Badge file.

Helpful Tips

  • To center merge fields, use the editor to center the text as well as span the white text box the whole width of the name badge (as seen above).
  • To add a logo, upload and select your logo from the image manager, resize it by dragging the width and height (ensure that you stay within the editing box), and click ok to insert the logo into your name badges. Position it as desired.
  • If you have group registrants, ie. additional registrations under the primary registrant, you should use the merge fields in the - 'Common Fields' - section of the merge field drop down. Picking these will add a '$' symbol, for example '[$FirstName]'.  This will generate badges using the additional guest names, instead of using the name of the Primary registrant.

Generate Name Badges

You can generate name badges from the Primary Registrants or All Registrants Report and any custom report you create in the ePly system.

While in any of the aforementioned reports, simply click the  button, select the name badge you created in Step 1, and click Generate. A PDF file with your name badges will download to your computer and be ready to print for your convenience.

Printing Name Badges

Help tips: 
Name badges must be printed full size.  Many printers will automatically reduce (or scale) the size of the printed page to compensate for the unprintable area along the border of the page.  This is controlled in the printer settings of each printer, and is often referred to as 'scaling', 'size' or 'fit'.  This feature MUST BE disabled to accurately print to standard stock sizes.  The common name for this setting will be similar to the following:
  • No Scaling  - choose this if it exists
  • Actual Size  - choose this if it exists
  • Size to Fit    - do NOT choose this option
  • Fit to Page   - do NOT choose this option (this is option displays when printing a PDF file directly from the Chrome browser)

Did you know? You can also use this feature to create PDFs for email invitations and certificates of attendance? Check out the ePly blog for more information.