Deleting a Registration

Here are the steps if you need to delete a registration:
  1. From the Reports tab, click on any report that displays the registrants' information, typically the Primary Registrants or All Registrants report.

  2. Find the registrant you would like to delete and click their name. 

  3. Click the "Cancel Primary Registration" button in the upper right. 

The following message will be displayed.

    5.  Click on 'OK' - the registrant is now off from the final registration list and if there were events fees, they have not been refunded. Learn how to Refund a Registrant or Create an Adjustment Type.

Restore a Deleted Registration

  1. Click "More Reports" from the leftm enu
  2. Click the 'Cancelled Registrations' report   

  3. Locate registration to be reversed and click on 'Restore'.

  4. The registrant will be restored to the registration list however, the prices are still at $0.00. To add a charge, click on the Primary Registrant tab and put a dollar amount in the Price column of the field that carries the event fee.