Duplicate Registrations

Duplicate registrations are generally a result of a declined credit card.  The registrant may make an error in entering their credit card information, receive a declined credit card message and subsequently attempt another registration.

The unsuccessful registrations will still go into the database because it is important to consider every registration relevant.  The registrant might not attempt another registration, and it is useful to have their information so that you can follow up with them.

If however, the registrant does submit a successful registration with an approved credit card transaction, you will want to delete their previous registrations with declined credit card transactions. 
To see why a transaction was declined, click the 'Details' link next to the declined transaction on the Payment Summary page.  This may help to resolve cases where the registrant seems unable to successfully process their credit card.

Identifying Duplicate Registrations

To identify duplicate registrations, go to the Reports menu and click the 'DUPLICATE REGISTRATIONS' report.  At the top of the, you can adjust the setting for how a duplicate is identified.  The default is that Last Name, First Name and Email must all be the same before 2 similar registrations are considered a duplicate.  If you need to change this, simply change the 3 checkboxes to indicate what you consider a duplicate to be. 

For example, if you want to find all people with a duplicate email address, regardless of what their name is, then only select the 'Email' checkbox, then click Refresh.
If you want to show all people who have both the same last name AND email address, then click the 'Last Name' and 'Email' checkboxes, then click Refresh.

Duplicate Registration Warning

The duplicate registration warning is a message that appears when a user is submitting a second or subsequent registration(s) without closing out of their browser.

This is not an error, it is just a warning to help ensure that people are not accidentally submitting multiple registrations for the same person.

The text on the warning page fully describes the possible situations and the actions to take.