Printing Name Badges at an Event

To print individual name badges on-site at an event you need a way to generate the badges and a dedicated badge/label printer.

Generating Badges

If you are using the ePly system at an event, the quickest way to generate individual badges is to click into a registration and then click the “Generate Badge” button. This will create a PDF of the badge that you can then print. To properly print one badge at a time on be sure to configure the badge stock to match what you are using in your printer when you create the badge template.

To create badges at the event for people who are not in the ePly system, you can have a MS Word file or other badge printing software open on a computer and then manually key in the details for each badge as needed.

To generate a batch of badges from ePly, view a report in the ePly system that contains the registrants you want to generate badges for and then click the print badge button at the top of the screen.

Printing Badges

To print individual badges you will need a badge/label printer along with the badge stock that is linked together for continuous printing. There are a few options depending on the size, quality and quantity you need.

Colour badges

You will need a colour printer that can handle the size of stock you are using. A high quality printer can be rented in the range of $450.00 or can be purchased for about $2000.00 depending on the model. Contact ePly and we can refer you to a company that rents these printers or see this blog post about what to consider when purchasing a badge printer.

Another way to get colour badges is to buy badge stock with the coloured potion pre-printed (usually logos) and then use a black and white printer to actually print the registrant's details on the badge. This will reduce the cost of the printer and save on ink costs.

Low Cost Black and White Badges

An inexpensive way to generate onsite badges is to purchase a thermal printer such as this one for about $100.00 - This printer can only handle stock up to 2.4” high, but it may be big enough for some purposes or you can apply the sticky label that you print to larger stock that has event logos or other information pre-printed on it.

Contact us for more help on badges or read how to set up a badge template in ePly.

Examples of labels generated from the ePly system and printed on a colour label printer

name badge on card stock
name badge on label