Registrant Not in Database

A registrant sometimes says that they have registered for an event but they are not in the database.


The reason for this is generally user error:

  1. The registrant may have clicked submit, but a validation error preventing the form from submitting.  Not realizing this, the person closes their browser and thinks that they have submitted a registration.
  2. The registrant may have been submitting a second registration and landed on the Repeated Registration warning page, and didn't realize they had to click 'Continue Processing Registration' to register.

If you are speaking with the registrant, you can ask:

  1. When you clicked Submit, did you see a page saying "thank you for your registration"?
  2. Did you receive a confirmation email and/or invoice/receipt?
  3. Had you previously submitted a registration and clicked Back?
  4. Did you notice anything strange that occured when you registered.
  5. Did you leave your browser showing the form unattended and open for a long time?

Once you have confirmed that there is not a registration for the person in question, you can advise the registrant or event planner that they should submit again.  Advise them that they will know that they have a confirmed registration once they see the thank-you page.