Send "Thank You for Attending" Emails

You no doubt want to send emails of appreciation to those who attended your event. You may also want to send surveys to them. Below are steps to create reports so that you can do this.
  1. Create an Attendees report
    1. From the "Reports" tab, click on "Custom Report Setup".
    2. Click "Create New Report".
    3. Name your report 'Attendees".
    4. Click "Create".
    5. Click "Add New Column".
    6. In the Column Caption, type "Check In Status".
    7. Select "Check-In Status" from the Primary Fields drop down menu (as well as the group reg fields drop down *if applicable)
    8. Click "Save & New".
    9. Map out other columns such as First Name, Last Name, Email

  2. Create a Filter Group to only display those who were Checked In
    1. Click "Back to Report Details"
    2. In the Report Filter Group section at the bottom of the page, type in a group name and click "Create Filter Group".
    3. Click on the filter group and type "Checked In" in the comparison value (as shown below).

    4. Click "Add Filter Expression"
    5. Click on the Attendees report from the left menu and you should now see only the people who were Checked In and who attended the event.

  3. Create and Send the Email. For more information, see Sending Mass Emails to Registrants.