Send/Schedule Mass Email to Registrants

Warning: Please be extra careful when sending mass emails.  Once you click "Send", the email cannot be stopped or recalled.  ePly recommends sending one or more test emails to yourself to ensure the email appears as expected before sending it to your group.

Set Up the Email

  1. Set up the email message to be sent.
    1. Go to "Form Setup" - "General Settings" - "Email Notifications" and then click the blue button "Add Email".
    2. Leave all of the "Recipients" check boxes un-checked since you will be manually sending this email to your list.
    3. Enter a subject line, From Name, From Email and the email body text (in both html version and plain text version).
    4. Send yourself a test email to ensure you are happy with the layout and wording

Send Emails

  1. Click on Reports and then the Primary Registrants report or view a custom report containing the registrants you want to send an email to.

    1. To create a custom report, refer to Creating a Custom Report.
    2. In order for the Mass Email feature to work, one of the columns must have a column with the caption 'Email', which would normally be associated with the Email field for the registrant.  
    3. Scan through the list to ensure the email addresses appear complete for each registrant.

  2. Click the blue 'Send Emails' button at the top of the report to open the Mass Email feature.
  3. Select the email you created above from the drop-down menu
  4. Before you continue, double check that you are in the right report and have the right email message selected.
  5. Click "Send Email Now".
  6. When you are ready, type "ok" in the box that has appeared and click "Confirm" to send the email.

Schedule Emails

You can schedule to send reminder emails prior to the event or schedule to send surveys post event.
  1. Follow steps 1-3 from above.
  2. Click 'Schedule Email'
  3. Select the date/time to send

  4. Click 'Schedule'