Shared Reports

Shared reports are most commonly used by event planners who have two forms for the same event in two different languages e.g. one form in English and the other in French. You can set up shared reporting only when both forms have been created and registrations have been collected in both events.

  1. Click 'Custom Report Setup' from the left menu and click 'Create New Report'.
  2. Give the report a name (such as "Shared") and click 'Create'. This will take you to the Report Setup.
  3. Click 'Include data from other Forms'. A pop up will appear and you can select a form and click the right arrow to include the data with the current form. (see below).


  4. Click Done.
  5. Now, you can setup the report just like any other custom report. The only difference is, when you are adding columns/data, there will be two or more drop down menus to select data from (see below).

For relatable information, please visit Creating a Custom Report