Using the API to retrieve data

The ePly Application Programming Interface (API) allows clients to query the ePly system computer to computer to extract data.  Refer to the User Guide below for more information.  Online help is also available here:

Experience in programming is required to implement this feature.  If you would like more information or would like to obtain the required API token, please contact

Working Example

We have a working site available to test the API against.  This consists of a test user configured to work with the API.  The following describes how to use it:

A. Login to the ePly system using the test username.
     Note that step A. is NOT necessary in order to use the API as described in step B, but doing so gives you a better understanding of what data is available to extract.
    1. Go to the ePly login page:
      1.         Username: apiuser
      2.         Password: api1234!
    2. After logging in, you will see the lists of forms currently set up.  
    3. To see the registrations in a particular form, 
      1. Click the Event Name.
      2. Click the Reports tab in the upper left.
      3. Click the Primary Registrant or All Registrants report to see the list of registrants.
    4. If you need any help navigating the ePly system, feel free to call our customer support during business hours.

          B. Use the API test page to extract data from the above ePly site:
          1. Click the following link to view the API test page:
            1. NOTE: This page will only pull data from the above client.
          2. In the area below 'API call to be sent to ePly:', enter the api call that you would like to test.
            1. The default API call: "api/forms" has been entered to list information about the events available under the client.
            2. Use the API calls as listed in the API User guide (see link below), or in the online help here:
            3. NOTE that you will need to provide the appropriate parameters for each call.
          3. Click 'Send the above request to ePly API' to see the results.
            1. The results of the API call will be displayed as a json string in the 'Returned json Response' box.
          1. Enter the following in the input box to list all events for the Client: 

                    2. Enter the following in the input box to list all registrants for the event having ID: '799c67f8-adb9-409b-8742-788ac7dafb21' (the Event ID can found from the results of example 1).

          Remember that you must include the apiToken, username, and password in the Header of every request to the API.  The specifics of how to do that is dependent on the programming language you use.  An example using is included on the pages of the downloadable API User Guide listed below.

          If you would like more information or would like to obtain the required API token for you event, please contact

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